Martin Neuckel, SoFlow AG

Martin Neuckel
Martin Neuckel
CFO / Co-Founder, SoFlow AG

Soflow AG is a Swiss micromobility company founded in 2015. The company develops, produces and distributes various e-vehicles, in particular e-scooters, as well as the associated software. The headquarters are located in St. Gallen. Further subsidiaries are located in the Netherlands and the USA, as well as a production city in China. SoFlow AG has already been able to get well-known investors such as Roland Brack on board via the show “Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”.

We spoke with CFO Martin Neuckel to find out how he felt about the collaboration with Aequitec.

How have you managed your share book so far?

Before our investment by the Swiss sharks (“Höhe der Löwen”) and our crowdinvestment campaign with we just had an Excel sheet.

How was Aequitec able to help you with your shareholder management?

Since the last capital increase the number of professional investors and retail investors has significantly increased. First, we are very proud to have excellent business angels and professionals as investors who help us to push our business even further. Second, for our direct customer business line it was really great to activate so many customers and to win so many new investors as part of the crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, we need a professional shareholder management tool, so that it is clear who owns SoFlows and its holding at what point in time. Aequitec helps us with keeping a clear audit log over all share transactions and the related rights.

How do you perceive the benefits of the Aequitec software?

Since we have common and participation capital it was important to us that we can manage both share classes from within one application. Also, we are not logged into a particular application because we can download the share book and relevant reports in Excel format for any due diligence or external lawyers. It is a great emotional relief.

What surprised you about working with Aequitec?

Using a digital share register seems to be only a first step. Aequitec showed us that we can also potentially create bankable shares, i.e., our shareholders can choose to have their shares stored with us or in their securities account. Of course, some investors may not be willing to pay bank fees, but they can happily keep their shares with us in the Aequitec application and their shareholder wallet.

Which companies would you recommend the Aequitec solution?

All companies that are running crowdinvestment campaigns. This is such an efficiency boost. I have more valuable time to focus on my CFO topics then managing paper.

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