Initiate your capital increase digitally

Experience a seamless digitally initiated capital increase for your business!

With Aequitec you can digitally set up investments, receive a subscription certificate, and electronically subscribe to the capital increase.

How does the Aequitec capital increase work?

With Aequitec's unique application it is possible to set up the capital increase digitally. This guarantees clean processing and corporate governance, as contractual documents such as subscription forms are also stored in the application. Ownership rights are guaranteed as all data is stored in a ledger.
Thanks to the digitally executed capital increase, the changed ownership is automatically updated in the share register and the share history. This simple process saves time and resources, ensures legal certainty and creates transparency.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    1. Initiate your capital increase digitally

    Having worked with a wide range of partners and clients, we have gained extensive experience in the capital increase process. Therefore we are able to offer a wide range of possibilities and also cover special customer cases. If you have any questions, our team of experts is additionally available to you at any time.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    2. Add investments to your capital increase

    Add new or existing investors to your capital increase. Go through the entire process of subscribing to a new investment through the application. In the process, we ensure ownership at all times thanks to our share ledger.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    3. Set-up the legal documents of your capital increase directly in the application

    Decide for yourself if you want the subscription form directly from the application, or if you want to upload your own legal documents. Sign the legal documents directly in the application using a qualified electronic signature.
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“The Capital Increase is stored in the Share ledger immediately.”
Performing your capital increase digitally increases the professionalism of your corporate governance. Link the investments directly to your bank account and have your shares registered in the bank deposit. Each shareholder can choose where to hold the shares.

Conduct your capital increase with a few button presses.

Create an Aequitec account now and start digitizing your corporate governance processes today. Do you have any questions? Then our experts are always at your side.

6 reasons for a capital increase with Aequitec.

  • Go through the entire capital increase process in one application

    Set up your capital Increase and initiate, sign, pay and complete the investments directly in one workflow. This creates transparency and simplifies the entire capital increase process, as the data can be accessed on a mobile basis at any time.

  • Guaranteed, secure ownership

    With Aequitec's application, your shareholders can be 100% certain of their ownership at all times. All events are stored in a ledger, which makes the ownership rights unchangeable. This ensures security and opens options to new investors.

  • Full flexibility - ordinary, authorized or conditional capital increase

    We offer all options for capital increase. You as a company decide which type of capital increase you want. You decide whether new shares are to be issued or whether the nominal value of existing shares is to be increased. Aequitec supports you as a competent partner.

  • Generate contractual documents directly in the Aequitec application

    Contracts such as subscription forms can be generated automatically in the capital increase process. This saves costs and resources and provides assurance that everything is legally compliant.

  • Digital subscription of the contracts

    Through the digital execution of the capital increase process, it is possible in the Aequitec application to sign the relevant contractual documents electronically in a qualified manner.

  • Be ready for a future IPO

    In order to be ready for a future IPO, it is essential to have clean corporate governance. The sooner you begin to digitize your corporate actions and process them automatically, the cheaper it will be to prepare for further capital increases or an IPO later.

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