Initiate your Share transfer digitally

Are you facing increasingly large expenses with share transfers?

With Aequitec you can set up share purchases and sales digitally. Contractual documents such as the sales and purchase agreement can be pulled directly from the application and signed electronically by all parties.

How does the Aequitec share transfer work?

Thanks to the unique Aequitec application, it is possible to process share transfers digitally. This guarantees clean corporate governance with a clear process, as contractual documents such as sales and purchase agreements can be viewed directly in the application. Shareholders' ownership rights are guaranteed, as all data is logged in a ledger.
The digitally executed share transfer automatically stores ownership changes in the share register and share history. This simple process saves time, resources and ensures greater legal certainty, as manual sources of error are minimized.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    1. Set up your share transfer digitally

    By setting up your share transfer digitally, you save a lot of time and have all the relevant documents available in the Aequitec application at all times. Our many years of expertise ensure that all processes are legally compliant.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    2. Find buyers and sellers directly in the application

    Thanks to the Aequitec application, you can find buyers or sellers of your shares directly. The transfer can then be set up via the application and recorded in the share book and share history.
  • The benefits of Aequitec

    3. Set up the contractual documents directly in the Aequitec application.

    Decide for yourself if you want to get the sales and purchase agreement directly from the application, or upload your own legal documents. Sign the documents directly in the application using qualified electronic signature.
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“The share transfer is immediately recorded in the share register.”
Performing your share transfers digitally increases the professionalism of corporate governance. Link the investments directly to your bank account and have your shares registered in the bank deposit. Each shareholder can choose where to hold the shares.

Perform your share transfer with a few button presses.

Create an Aequitec account now and start digitizing your corporate governance processes today. Do you still have questions? Then our experts are always at your side.

6 reasons for a share transfer with Aequitec

  • Perform the entire share transfer process in just one application

    Set up your share transfer and sign, pay and close the investment directly in one workflow. This creates transparency and simplifies the entire process around the share transfer. The data can be accessed on the go at any time.

  • Guaranteed, secure ownership

    With Aequitec's application, your shareholders can always be one hundred percent sure that they are the rightful owners. All transactions are stored in a ledger, making ownership unchangeable. This provides security and opens options for new investors.

  • Maximum flexibility

    We offer full flexibility for your share transfer. Choose which share class it is and decide from which share bucket the shares should be sold. This creates unprecedented clarity and control over all share packages. For example, no tax-exempt share packages have to be sold.

  • Generate contractual documents directly in the Aequitec application

    Contracts such as sales and purchase agreements can be generated automatically as part of the share transfer process. This saves costs and resources and provides certainty that everything is legally compliant.

  • Digital signing of contractual documents

    Due to the digital processing of share transfers, it is possible in the Aequitec application to sign the relevant contract documents electronically in a qualified manner. This saves time and simplifies cooperation among all parties.

  • Be ready for a future IPO

    To be ready for a future IPO, clean corporate governance is essential. The sooner you start digitizing and automatically processing your corporate actions, the more cost-effective it will be to prepare for further share transfers or a future IPO.

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