Rolf Gätzi, Rulematch AG

Rolf Gätzi
Rolf Gätzi
Co-Founder & CFO, Rulematch

RuleMatch AG builds an infrastructure for trading, custody, clearing and settlement of digital assets. The trading solution focuses on the needs of financial institutions. The product focus is especially on commodities, e.g. important raw materials.

Together with Aequitec, RuleMatch AG held its first hybrid AGM this year.

We spoke with Co-Founder and CFO Rolf Gätzi to find out how Aequitec’s offering helps RuleMatch AG.

Why did you decide to hold the General Assembly hybrid?

Our shareholders are spread across various countries. Thanks to the virtual participation option, shareholders who are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting due to distance, travel restrictions or other local obligations can still participate. This is very important for us. An absolute majority of third-party shareholders must approve the changes to the Articles of Association.

What did you particularly like about conducting the General Assembly with Aequitec?

In Aequitec, we have found a partner with whom we can professionally prepare, conduct and follow up the Annual General Meeting. We were provided with an app developed by Aequitec, via which our shareholders can vote regardless of location. The voting results were presented live during the AGM. Afterwards, Aequitec automatically prepares the minutes. This is also congruent with the notarial deed, so that the spoken word is correctly recorded in both documents.

How could Aequitec help you digitize your shares?

We are currently digitizing our existing share register. Via the Aequitec application, we have access to all shareholder data and can export our share register or share history at any time. Transactions are recorded directly in the application. This gives us the legal security to create bankable shares, for example.

What are your future plans with Aequitec?

Together with Aequitec, we want to book our shares into the securities accounts of our shareholders. Our investors can then decide whether they want to hold their shares in the form of tokenized assets in their wallet or classically in their bank securities account. As a full-service provider, Aequitec gives us the flexibility to implement both, which makes it easier for us to access investors.

Which company would you recommend to use the Aequitec software?

If great importance is attached to compliance, cooperation with Aequitec is recommended. By filing all transactions in the share register, companies are legally compliant at all times. Operational efforts can also be optimized. Manual entries are reduced step by step.

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