Julian Osborne, Pelt8 AG

Julian Osborne
Julian Osborne
Founder & CEO, Pelt8 AG

Pelt8 AG is a Swiss start-up that specializes in digitizing and setting up data collection processes. In doing so, Pelt8 AG helps its customers track environmental emissions and optimize sustainability reporting. Together with Aequitec, Pelt8 AG has digitized its existing shares and now manages them via the Aequitec application.

We spoke with Co-Founder Julian Osborne to learn how Aequitec is helping Pelt8 AG manage their share ledger.

How did you originally keep your share book?

Since the foundation of Pelt8 AG, we have had our share register maintained manually. Since we had few changes in our ownership structure, this was a cost-effective, clean solution. For us as a start-up, this was essential as we have limited resources.

How has Aequitec helped you as a share registry provider?

With the growth prospects of Pelt8 and more extensive requirements for professionally managed corporate governance, the costs of manual share register management are rising. We wanted to fully concentrate on the further development of our business. Therefore, we were looking for a share register provider who could relieve us of these manual efforts and automate them. Aequitec was a competent and reliable partner and supported us through the entire process.

What were the decisive factors that spoke in favor of working with Aequitec?

With a longer-term time horizon, we want to grow further and tap new investor groups in due course. For this purpose, it might become necessary to link our shares in the banking system. Since Aequitec not only reports the share histories, but is also able to deposit them in the banking system, Aequitec was an interesting partner as a full-service provider.

How does the digital share register help you regarding beneficial owners?

By using a digital share ledger, beneficial owner information can be stored in a secure environment. This allows us to access this information quickly and effectively, for example to monitor compliance or ensure transparency. This reduces bureaucratic hurdles and makes it easier for us to comply with legal requirements.

What surprised you most about Aequitec?

We were surprised by the fast response times to concerns or questions. For this purpose, feedback is specifically recorded from us as customers. The feedback is then integrated into the Aequitec application, which generates considerable added value for us. For example, the functions for Beneficial Owners were discussed directly with us and incorporated into the application based on the feedback.

Which companies would you recommend to use the Aequitec software?

Aequitec supports companies from start-up to IPO. Therefore, all companies with a strong growth strategy are recommended to work with Aequitec. Professional corporate governance is particularly important here, as this provides access to additional institutional investors. Thus, the long-term growth of the company is promoted.

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