Patrick Zweifel, NIRVAN JAVAN AG

Patrick Zweifel
Patrick Zweifel

Emerging designer brand NIRVAN JAVAN is known for its minimalist elegance and commitment to quality. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, it offers timeless eyewear that transcends fashion and epitomises sophistication and individuality. Each piece reflects attention to detail, innovation and a cosmopolitan spirit, making NIRVAN JAVAN a symbol of refined personal expression. Together with Aequitec, NIRVAN JAVAN AG digitised its existing shares prior to the crowdinvesting campaign and now manages them via the Aequitec application.

We spoke with co-founder Patrick Zweifel to learn how Aequitec supported NIRVAN JAVAN AG in the capital increase that was carried out.

Why did you decide to increase capital through crowdinvesting?

We embarked on a crowd investment campaign with to tap into the power of community engagement and secure a broader base of support and resources. This strategic move was aimed at democratizing investment opportunities, allowing our customers and partners to participate in the brand’s journey and growth. Leveraging’s community, NIRVAN JAVAN sought to foster a sense of ownership and inclusion among its followers, enhancing brand loyalty and enabling a shared vision for the future. This innovative approach not only provided the brand with essential capital for expansion but also strengthened its relationship with the community, positioning NIRVAN JAVAN AG as a forward-thinking and inclusive brand in the eyewear industry and beyond.

How did Aequitec help you with the capital increase?

Aequitec played a crucial role in facilitating NIRVAN JAVAN AG’s capital increase through By streamlining the complex process of capital raising, Aequitec AG provided NIRVAN JAVAN with a seamless, efficient, and transparent mechanism to engage with potential investors and manage the intricate details of the investment process. This collaboration not only simplified administrative burdens but also ensured compliance with relevant regulations, allowing NIRVAN JAVAN to focus on its core mission and growth objectives. The use of Aequitec underscored the synergy between innovative digital solutions and traditional business needs, driving forward NIRVAN JAVAN’s successful capital increase.

What were the decisive factors that spoke in favor of working with Aequitec?

First of all, we could easily upload the exisiting share register and the entire transaction history. This helped, to prepare the crowdinvestment round. Second, the entire Aequitec team is incredible knowledgable about all the legal and operational processes. Third, with Aequitec we can create bankable and/or tokenized securities in the future, providing us all options in any further investment round if needed.

Which aspects surprised you in working with Aequitec?

The execution speed and their knowledge depths. The entire team extremely customer focused. Moreover, whenever we had a question the team was available at short notice. Also their FAQ database is growing fast and helps us a lot to get first orientation on important topics.

Who would you recommend Aequitec to?

In general every company that want to raise equity from investors. Especially for our crowdinvestment round this was crucial.

All Testimonials Published at: 2024-04-19