Simone Monnerat,

Simone Monnerat
Simone Monnerat
Founding Partner, is a Swiss law firm and notary’s office in Cham, Zug. At work, the founders Rahel Merenda and Simone Monnerat are characterized by their open-mindedness for new technologies and solutions when it comes to client care. Thereby process-supporting solutions play an increasingly important role.

We talked to Simone Monnerat, co-founder, notary, in her role as independent proxy, to find out how her experience was with general meetings on the Aequitec software.

How have you handled general meetings so far?

At the Annual General Meetings we have attended up to now, we receive the voting instructions via different channels. Both classically as letter by post, via an online platform, or by e-mail from the respective custodian bank. I then aggregate the lists in order to be able to report to the General Meeting on the votes I represent.

How you like Aequitec as an independent proxy?

The smartphone app makes all the difference. It is simply convenient and efficient to always have the votes to be represented with me. The app shows me the votes from all the chanells at a glance, e.g. letter, platform, email. At the Annual General Meeting I always have all the votes represented on my mobile device with me and can provide information about the instructions accordingly.

What convinced you to use Aequitec?

I saw the whole thing behind the application. Not only the dedicated founders, but also the database entries and the voting process. During the development, the Aequitec team was in regular contact with me, I grew with the application, so to speak. It was very helpful for me that as a non-programmer but subject matter expert, the background was explained to me in a comprehensible way.

What are generally the challenges when it comes to independent proxy voting?

Normally, I am constantly in talks with the companies and I am engaged and reimbursed by them. At the same time, it is my duty and a very important concern to remain independent. I have to maintain the trust of the shareholders and represent them as the shareholders have voted. I have to live up to this trust and always ask myself whether I am independent. I must therefore know when I can communicate what and to whom.

Can you recall an “aha” moment with Aequitec?

During the journey to the general meeting of a client, postal voting instructions were still being received. These were correctly dated, so that these votes should still be counted. In the past, I would have had the office scan the documents and quickly adjust them on site. With the help of the Aequitec application, I was able to have the postal votes on the go and immediately had all the updated results on my smartphone. It is simply in line with the times to have an application for this as well.

All Testimonials Published at: 2022-12-04