Ed Russell, Librio AG

Ed Russell
Ed Russell
CEO, Librio AG

Librio AG is one of the most successful Swiss e-commerce start-ups of recent years. The company produces a range of high-quality personalized products. These include children’s books, greeting cards, art prints and an Advent calendar. In June 2023, Librio AG launched a capital increase with crowdinvesting provider Conda. Together with Aequitec, Librio AG has digitized its existing shares and now manages them via the Aequitec application.

We spoke with co-founder Ed Russell to learn how Aequitec supported Librio AG in the capital increase that was carried out.

Why did you decide to increase capital through crowdinvesting?

The capital increase via crowdinvesting had several advantages for us. On the one hand, we were able to expand our investor network. This made it possible for existing and potential customers to invest directly in us. This strengthens customer loyalty and increases the community around our brand. In addition, the closer relationship with our customers gives us faster feedback, which can be directly incorporated into the further development of our offering.

How did Aequitec help you with the capital increase?

The capital increase via crowdinvesting brings some advantages, but also some challenges. For example, the complexity of investor management increases, since a whole “crowd” of small investors is now invested in our company. The management of these shareholders is simplified by the Aequitec application, as the processes around the capital increase are automated digitally.

What were the decisive factors that spoke in favor of working with Aequitec?

The increased complexity of our ownership structure, as well as the attractive transaction-based pricing, were decisive factors in our decision to work with Aequitec. Thanks to the automated management of our shareholders, we save additional expenses, ensure the professionalism of our corporate governance and are always sure that we meet the legal requirements.

Which aspects surprised you in working with Aequitec?

For us the very good interaction with our lawyer was key. Aequitec fully understands the legal topics and made very valuable feedback regarding our legal contracts from an operations perspective. This was a significant improvement in drafting our legal contracts because now we not only have solid legal contract, but also one that supports easier operations. For us having many shareholders is not a burden. This opens up so many possibilities to interact with our community.

Is there anything else you would like to comment on?

I would like to thank you for the smooth onboarding process, and I am looking forward to working with you in the coming years.

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