Anna Rosenbauer, Leaseteq

Anna Rosenbauer
Anna Rosenbauer
Co-Founder & CMO, LeaseTeq AG

LeaseTeq is a Swiss company that greatly simplifies the leasing process. With its leasing software, developed entirely in-house, LeaseTeq enriches the Swiss market with the first fully digital, bank-independent leasing offering.

Together with Aequitec, LeaseTeq digitized the existing share register and transferred it to the professional software. Subsequently, LeaseTeq was able to close a first financing round with renowned business angels as minority investors.

We spoke with co-founder Anna Rosenbauer about how Aequitec contributes to the professionalization of corporate governance.

What was the decisive reason for you as a company to use software to maintain the share register?

For us, it was important to document the traceability of our ownership structure in a compliant manner. Errors can quickly creep in, especially with printed share certificates. Cleaning them up or retrieving originals in the event of changes costs decision-makers valuable time. That’s why we wanted to rely on a sustainable and digital solution right from the start.

How was the acceptance by investors holding shares in the company?

The advantage for our investors is that their assets, i.e. the company shares, are documented in a transparent, traceable and legally clean manner. It makes a significant difference if I can prove the “chain of title” for an investment contract, i.e. that all transactions are clearly documented. Especially in order to ensure the saleability in the future, today’s share register is a business card for future investors. This creates additional trust. No one wants to review the entire share history at an “exit” and correct any mistakes. This can paralyze the entire sales process. You can think of it as analogous to the leasing process. It must be clear who legally owns the vehicle title and who took delivery of the vehicle. As soon as this is not clear, it significantly reduces the value of the vehicle.

Are you satisfied with the implementation?

Yes. For us, it was crucial to hand over the issue to a trusted partner. Onboarding took place along the existing legal documents. In this way, we ensured that the data in the application also reflected the legal ownership structure. In addition, an Aequitec employee can be reached quickly and easily at any time. Questions are clarified competently and new data is promptly entered into the application. I also like the fact that our feedback is incorporated into product development. We are therefore very much looking forward to further cooperation.

At which points in the process chain is there still potential for improvement?

We would like to start recording our employee shareholdings soon. So far, the team at Aequitec is doing this for us. But we look forward to the moment when we can implement this directly in the software ourselves.

Thank you very much, Anna!

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