Patricia Messikommer, Iten McNally

Patricia Messikommer
Patricia Messikommer
Senior Paralegal, Iten McNally

ItenMcNally advises domestic and foreign financial intermediaries as well as FinTech and RegTech companies on legal and regulatory matters and represents them vis-à-vis the Swiss stock exchange as well as before the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. In cooperation with Aequitec, Alexander Iten also acts as an independent proxy.

We spoke to Patricia Messikommer, Senior Paralegal, to find out how she uses the Aequitec software to record postal voting instructions to the independent proxy.

How do you handle general meetings as a paralegal of the independent proxy?

I collect all voting instructions that we receive electronically and/or by post. Then I scan the postal instructions and file everything together. After that, I fill all the data into an Excel with formulas for the voting results. At the same time, I check all the data (address and number of shares) with the share register. This whole process is very time-consuming.

How did Aequitec support you?

I was excited from the first moment. The master data is already stored in the tool. With a few clicks we can vote as proxies. We can simply call up the voting result. No tedious matching with Excel and formulas. The tool is totally in line with the digital zeitgeist.

Can you remember an “aha” moment with Aequitec?

Right from the first general meeting that we were allowed to conduct with Aequitec, I thought: it can be that simple! Of course, the data quality that Aequitec prepares must be carefully processed and reliable, and as a proxy we cannot avoid checking it against the share register. But the data quality in the tool is excellent and the operation very simple.

To whom would you recommend the use of the Aequitec application?

I would recommend the tool to all companies and associations. On the one hand, of course, all assistants, paralegals and back-office staff who often do the data processing, send invitations, coordinate and keep the share register. On the other hand, I experienced the tool as a relief for all parties involved. For the management as well as for each individual shareholder. In addition, I feel that every piece of paper that is saved is a valuable saving.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I have found Aequitec to be extremely supportive. The team was immediately available and very friendly when we had questions or concerns. We are already looking forward to the next digital general meetings, which we will be able to attend as proxies.

All Testimonials Published at: 2022-12-02