Mikael Ramvall, BLR Capital AG
(Investment Advisor to Alpstock AG)

Mikael Ramvall
Mikael Ramvall
Managing Partner, BLR Capital AG

Alpstock AG is a long-term and sustainably oriented SME industrial holding company. BLR Capital AG is the appointed investment advisor of Alpstock.

Alpstock focuses on majority holdings in the industrial, medtech and service sectors in the DACH region. An attractive dividend yield and the long-term development of the portfolio companies are our two highest priorities. Together with Aequitec,BLR Capital and Alpstock digitized the existing shares and today manage these via the Aequitec application.

We spoke to Mikael Ramvall to find out how Aequitec’s offering creates added value for BLR Capital and Alpstock.

How have you executed the Alpstock fundraising so far?

Clean corporate housekeeping is essential for gaining the trust of any investor. Until the transition to the Aequitec universe, the Alpstock share register was maintained by BLR Capital, with support from an external law firm, to ensure a clean and correct share registry administration and documentation. Now that we have the share registry fully transferred into the Aequitec platform, we (or any shareholder) have around the clock access to investor specific of general information about the share registry. We no longer need to search for the latest physical (or electronic) versions of the share registry and can do capital increases and transaction much easier than in the past.

What were the challenges in the transition?

The on-boarding was very straight forward and well managed by Aequitec. Getting all shareholders to install the Aequitec and security applications and get the necessary credential set up was not difficult, but required good logistics and project management.

How was Aequitec able to help you in managing your shareholder registry and what challenges were solved?

Aequitec offers an application with which it is possible to manage the share registery digitally. In doing so, it is possible to carry out various changes to the ownership structure digitally. Everything up to the digital signing of the SPA, the SHA or the subscription certificate can be executed via the platform.

What surprised you most about the Aequitec application?

We were surprised by the further possibilities and flexibility offered by the digitized management of our share registery. Aequitec offers the possibility to conduct general meetings digitally via the application as well. This is particularly attractive as we are shareholders spread across Switzerland, which can now participate digitally in the general meetings.

Which companies would you recommend to use the Aequitec software?

I would recommend Aequitec to companies that place high value on clean and correct shareholder registry management and where capital increases and transactions will be a regular topic. The digitalization of the share register leads to higher transparency, improved cost efficiency and more flexibility.

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