Stefan Klauser, Aisot

Stefan Klauser
Stefan Klauser
CEO & Chairman, Aisot Technologies AG

Founded in 2019, Aisot Technologies AG (aisot) developed the first reliable forecasts for clearly defined time horizons for trading and investment professionals. aisot has served some of the leading digital asset and wealth management firms. Due to their internationally dispersed shareholder base they decided to use the Aequitec platform to conduct their electronic live AGM.

We have spoken with Stefan Klauser, CEO and chairman of the supervisory board, about how they conducted their first AGM.

What initially prevented you from using a professional AGM tool?

So far it was just not needed for us. Until recently it was only the three founders that were main shareholders – and we were the board members as well. So it was quite easy to conduct a regular AGM. But now we have a larger shareholder base and it’s more internationally dispersed.

What did you find upon using the Aequitec AGM solution?

I find it very well organized, it’s easy to get an overview and also easy to use. Furthermore it’s really good to give people the opportunity to vote live, even if they’re not physically present at the day of the AGM.

What specific thing do you like most?

I always liked this type of voting. So you can directly see the results of the voting and there is a kind of a little moment of suspension before you relieve it.

Who could also really benefit from working with us?

Anyone that has to hold a general assembly and that has a bit of a larger shareholder base. Especially when it comes to international dispersed shareholders, or a bit further spread within one country. Aequitec is the right solution when you still want to profit from having a live meeting with the shareholders.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I just want to say thank you for leading us through that exercise and we will definitely stay tuned and have you support us next year again.

All Testimonials Published at: 2022-12-01