Annika Kessel, Cosmiq Universe AG

Annika Kessel
Annika Kessel
President of the Board of Directors, Cosmiq Universe AG

Cosmiq Universe AG is a virtual community that uses digital avatars, collective AI intelligence and NFTs to create global awareness of essential topics, e.g. the human connection to ourselves and to planet Earth.

Cosmiq Universe AG organised a general meeting together with Aequitec.

We spoke to Annika Kessel, President of the Board of Directors, to find out how Aequitec’s offer is helping Cosmiq Universe AG.

Why did you decide to organise the Annual General Meeting with Aequitec?

We are a virtual community and have many shareholders in the cap table via crowd funding. We wanted to professionalise our governance structures in this respect, for example by introducing virtual general meetings in accordance with Swiss law.

What did you particularly like about organising the General Assembly with Aequitec?

In Aequitec, we have found a partner who not only provides professional support for general meetings, but also conveys the importance of governance to our shareholders. For example, the Aequitec team took over the moderation of the Annual General Meeting in order to professionally moderate the various shareholder issues so that minority shareholders could present their views without us as a company having to intervene in the voting process. Aequitec is also a great and valuable human partner and a strong leader of the C-level team, even in complex professional and personal situations surrounding the AGM. We feel very well managed, advised and looked after. It’s fun to work with Christian and his team.

How was Aequitec able to help you keep the share register?

After the Annual General Meeting, we began digitising our share register. With our rapidly growing community, we are reaching the limits of Excel-based cap tables.

What are your future plans with Aequitec?

Together with Aequitec, we want to simplify our share management and captable. Digitalisation helps to simplify processes and we would also like to work together on possible additional tokenisation.

Which companies would you recommend to use the Aequitec software?

If great importance is attached to compliance and professional management of share matters, cooperation with Aequitec is recommended. By filing all transactions in the share register, companies are legally compliant at all times. Operational expenses can also be optimised. Manual entries are gradually reduced.

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