How will the dilution of existing shareholders be minimized by the capital increase?

The dilution of existing investors can be minimised in various ways. Here are some approaches: Preferential subscription rights for existing shareholders: The company can grant existing shareholders the preferential right to subscribe for new shares at a preferential price before they are offered to other investors. This gives existing shareholders the opportunity to maintain their shareholding without having to compete with other investors for the new shares. Setting a fair issue price: A fair issue price for the new shares can help to minimise dilution. Buy-back of own shares: The company can carry out a share buy-back programme to acquire its own shares on the market. This reduces the number of shares in circulation and thus minimises dilution. Preference shares or conditional capital increases: The company could consider issuing preference shares, which may have less impact on ordinary shareholders. Conditional capital increases, which only become effective under certain conditions, may also be utilised.

It is important to note that the implementation of these measures depends on legal requirements, the company’s articles of association and market conditions. Companies should carefully plan their capital increase strategies and ensure that they take into account the interests of their shareholders.

All FAQs Published at: 2024-02-05