Is it possible to have the investment amount transferred directly to the business account in the event of a capital increase?

Not in full. Normally, the new shareholder pays the investment amount agreed in the subscription form into a capital contribution account. This gives the investor the certainty that the necessary shares have only been created when the new shares are registered with the notary. However, it is possible to note in the subscription form that only the investment amount in the nominal share or participation capital will be paid into the capital contribution account. The remainder, the so-called premium, i.e. the difference between the nominal amount and the investment amount, is then paid directly into the company’s business account. This can help the company to bridge liquidity bottlenecks until the notary appointment. However, it has the disadvantage that the investor must hope that the shares will also be created at the notary’s office. (Link to the subscription forms).

All FAQs Published at: 2024-02-05