Only those who have an overview of their shareholders will lead their company to success. Therefore, switch to the most innovative share register now.
  • You do not have an overview?

    from the foundation to IPO

    A startup that grows not only pleases founders and investors, but often also employees who receive stock options. However, the more dynamically and rapidly a company grows, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of all the shares issued and their individual rights. It is therefore advisable to rely on a scalable, digital share register right from the start.
    "The bigger we got, the more confusing our share register became."
  • Your share register is a labyrinth?

    Always keep the overview

    Most share registers of unlisted companies are neither properly maintained nor clearly structured. If they are kept on paper, there is an additional risk of material loss. But share registers in complex Excel sheets are also risky: their complexity and the lack of assurance of legal security create challenges for new investments. Time to switch to Aequitec.
    "What our share register looks like? We have a big, big Excel."
  • Do you want to be attractive to investors?

    Attractiveness through secure transparency

    As an investor, every investment is a bet: Will the company be successful? Can I support it in a targeted way? What is the vision of the board of directors? This uncertainty is gladly accepted. However, it is all the more important to ensure that the right processes are in place for investment and share transfer. This is the only way to ensure that investors have a solid investment in their portfolio.
    "If I invest, I want to be able to sell. I want to be able to sell."

    Securing the share history

    The transfer of ownership of shares is a delicate matter: it must be handled correctly. Errors that occur here can either only be corrected later with great effort or are irreversible. A complete chain of title, i.e. the share history, must be verifiable at all times. Aequitec's share register, with its simple and clear processes, therefore ensures that you never lose track of things and can handle all steps in a guaranteed legally compliant manner.
    "Are my shares really mine?"
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How does the Aequitec share register work?

With Aequitec's unique share register, you can keep track of your shareholders and ensure chain-of-title at all times. The Aequitec platform processes every type of share - regardless of whether they are simple uncertificated securities, securities, tokenized shares or book-entry securities.
The platform not only offers the possibility to manage the share ledger, but also to carry out capital rounds, employee shareholdings and investor pools directly at the push of a button. The simple processes ensure legal certainty and transparency.
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  • The benefits of Aequitec

    1. Always up-to-date and comprehensive

    Through the electronic recording of all corporate actions such as capital increases or employee shareholdings, with Aequitec your share register is always up to date. A convenient export of daily updated documents, such as shareholder lists, can thus be carried out at any time.

  • The benefits of Aequitec

    2. Digital share transfer

    Through the digital management of your shareholders and shares, share transfers can also be handled completely digitally. This not only creates transparency for all parties involved, but also gives you the security of not making any mistakes. The type of share does not matter: Aequitec can manage them all.

  • The benefits of Aequitec

    3. Connection to the banking system

    The SWIFT connection, which is unique for digital share registers, ensures that your shareholders can book their share values directly into their securities accounts. And it doesn't matter at which bank or where in the world they are located! Tax values can also be determined directly.

  • The benefits of Aequitec

    4. Data security and 2FA

    With our data centers, which we operate with the latest security technology either in Switzerland or in a country of our customers' choice, we ensure maximum data security. The two-factor authentication additionally protects your data from unwanted access.

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1.000M USD

The amount of shares and units, which are managed with the Aequitec share register

The successes of our customers

  • As a company, we want to be ready for an IPO at any time.
    Christoph Grobbel
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, South Pole Holding AG
  • It makes sense to involve Aequitec and the respective bank in the outlining of the plans for the company succession already in an early project phase.
    Daniele Doninelli
    CFO, Lifeware AG
  • Aequitec has succeeded in making the model of established stock exchange listed share management solutions accessible to smaller companies.
    Alexander Schlegel
    Co-Owner and Founder, Swiss Finance Boutique AG
  • The Aequitec application shows me at a glance the represented votes aggregated across all channels (e.g. letter, platform, email).
    Simone Monnerat
    Founding Partner, AG
  • A company is founded quickly, but may not be equipped for the future. That's why it pays out to invest in the necessary expertise and time to be well positioned from the start.
    Daniel Hasler
    Founding Partner, Virtido AG
  • Aequitec’s AGM solution is well organized and really easy to use. It gives shareholders the opportunity to vote live even when they are internationally dispersed.
    Stefan Klauser
    CEO & Chairman of the Board at Aisot
  • When preparing general meetings, I have 80% less work with Aequitec compared to Excel.
    Patricia Messikommer
    Senior Paralegal at Iten McNally
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“One FTE is usually working one day per month on the share register.”

Maintaining a normal share register is often not only a legal balancing act, it is also time-consuming. The larger the shareholder base and the older the company, the more working time is required.


  • 1. prepare information and documents

    Before you can get started with the introduction of a digital share register, you should gather all the relevant data for it. In addition to company master data such as the tax ID, this also includes all information about the share capital and the shares issued.

  • 2. create your account

    Our guided on-boarding process helps you create your account. To do this, simply enter your company's master data online and fill out the on-boarding form.

  • 3. upload all relevant data

    Directly when entering the share register, our software checks whether the data is correct or has gaps. This may be the case, for example, with past transfers of ownership. Depending on how cleanly the share register was kept, you will immediately recognise critical points.

  • 4. verify your data

    Subsequently, the software and the experts at Aequitec check your share register and reconcile it with the commercial register. Any gaps or inaccuracies are corrected in the course of this.

  • 5. activation on the platform

    Once the verification is successfully completed, your share register will be unlocked on the Aequitec platform. Now you can maintain it and see all entries with just one click. The processing of capital increases and many other corporate actions such as employee shareholdings are now possible.


The easy on-boarding makes the switch to Aequitec child's play. Create an account now and start digitizing your share register today. Do you have any questions? Then our experts are always at your side.

The share register,
that can do everything

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  • Traditional Share register
  • Challenger “Share book”
  • Excel/paper-based
Aequitec customers have access to one of the most advanced share registers on the market. It combines the functionality of traditional share registers with the possibilities of agile register management.
The advantage is clear: secure transfer of ownership and higher attractiveness for new investors. The Aequitec share register is seamlessly integrated into the Aequitec platform and its workflows.

6 reasons that speak for the Aequitec share register

  • Data storage At the location of your choice - for maximum security.

    Data protection has the highest priority at Aequitec. That is why we store all our customers' data on our own servers. This can be either directly in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world - in accordance with your internal data security requirements. We also protect your data with state-of-the-art technology. This includes software as well as hardware solutions.

  • legal security through workflows developed by experts

    Share registers on confusing paper or in complex Excel lists have no managed processes compared to Aequitec's digital share register. This ensures an increased risk of errors. The professional workflows in the Aequitec platform guarantee compliance with all regulations and obligations. This ensures flawless corporate governance.

  • Audit-proof documents for direct download and printing

    The simple interface and integrated export functions make the daily maintenance of your share register easy and practical. Many documents that you need for management can be downloaded simply with a click. Aequitec ensures that they are always audit-proof in the process. This ensures security .

  • Automation of processes for more time for the essentials

    Aequitec coordinates and regulates the complex processes of share register management for you in the background. The simple processes help you in your daily work and save valuable time. Many of the processes are automated. This means: Aequitec does the work and you can concentrate on more important things: The success of your company.

  • Transmission of the tax values to your shareholders

    Through the Swift connection of the Aequitec platform, the share values of your shareholders are booked directly into your securities accounts. This has various advantages: For example, tax values can be sent directly to the tax office. Your shareholders also avoid the case that they forget or inaccurately declare shares in their tax return.

  • Enable holistic wealth management

    The entry of the share values in the bank deposits creates a more holistic view of the individual financial situation for your shareholders and your investment advisors. This makes the real assets visible. This can be of great advantage when requesting financing from banks. In addition, it opens doors to previously unavailable investment options.

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Our team supports you with all topics around the share register

The change from a classic share register on paper or in an Excel file to a digital share register is an important decision for the future of every unlisted stock corporation. Therefore, it is our concern to support you in the best possible way. And not just anonymously via FAQs or e-mail support, but personally with a competent team of leading lawyers share experts. This ensures security and guarantees smooth digitization even for complex share registers.

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We know the challenges you face when digitizing the share register. That's why we have compiled useful tools for you to download.


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